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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Laminating the Earth's Core

Yep. It's done. Mr. R brought in all the sketches his students made of the earth's core and asked me to laminate and I did. I love to see what the students do and their creativity is amazing! It was much quieter in the library today, only two classes in the computer lab, and no one in the library, except the hordes of students coming in to exchange books, get new books, work on projects and assorted other tasks! So in that way, yes, we were very busy! Got all the books ready for tomorrow's check outs. Put numbers on about 90 math books. Went hunting for Mrs. M's low level readers books for the non-fiction unit. I tried to find a report and finally called Mrs. M over at LMSS and she got me a report that mostly did what I wanted! Still not very happy with the results, got about half a shelf on a cart. Not near enough in my opinion. Had my supervising librarian come and surprise me with a visit and we talked budget - how it would be nice if we got to use 2/3rds of our budget for librarian tallied books and 1/3 still for us to get certain books. He liked the idea. We talked about genrifying the library, I might take a survey on that. Looks good in here! The core of the library is great!

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