The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Toned Down

Today was much more toned down! I loved it! No classes in the computer lab, no classes in the library. But we did check out five classes of math books and check in the old ones. Some of the old ones were barcoded by students working off fines and they had rubbed against the actual barcode which more or less destroyed it. So I ended up making new barcodes for the books that wouldn't easily scan in. Stripped a bunch of our new books, so I only have one cart shelf to go and they will be all stripped and due dates put in them. Though I still have to cover the paperbacks. Got my budget numbers in, so I sent those off to my supervising librarian and suggested a cap for my last big book order for the year, so we'll see what he says. Sent out more book requests today and got in a ton of books. I am so proud of all our Library Media Assistants that pulled together and we now have more than two class sets of Breaking Through books! I had three mail bins full of books that came in today! Sent up some books to Ms. Fields class for the ones they had ordered in. Hoping to get more in tomorrow for her! We got an email from our safety committee that they will be out and about looking for problems, and especially missing grounding plugs. I just had the grounding plug for our computer cart come off last week, so I sent in a maintenance request to our office manager to get that fixed. There's a lot of equipment on that cart and it really needs to be properly grounded. Numbered some math books today. Worked on my OBOB students who I've kind of neglected. Made an attendance sheet, ran book marks with the book titles on them and I'll put them together and laminate them. I have some questions that I'll have ready for them tomorrow while we meet, especially on the books I've read. Did laminating today after school was over. I also got to account for students that come in on passes. I love to take our sign in notebook and go around accounting for everyone and to make sure they have a pass. I had one student today that argued with me. I finally sent him and the two others he was with back to class. I ended up writing him a referral, even though I don't like to do it. He was disruptive, questioned my authority, and focused on another student and his take on what she was doing rather than his own work. I asked him to move, and he threw it right back at me. I finally moved him into the back work room on my aide desk and he started to wheel around with the chair back there. I was done with him! Other than that, it was a great day, love our students, especially when they smile at me, like one gal when I checked a book out to her. I love my job!

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