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Thursday, January 14, 2016

OBOB Beginnings

So today we began our OBOB meetings. I only had two kids first lunch, and five for second, and I wasn't really sure about three of them! Created this window board today for that! I love the colors and themes, but still probably need to add a few things! But I like it! Hopefully we'll get in a few more kids. Replaced a doc camera today for a teacher. Gave back some repaired books to a teacher. Printed up some more of the list of books we're using for OBOB. Met with both lunches and it was nice. Had our old copier taken out today, and replaced with a new one like up in the office, so we'll see how that goes! I gave our district tech all the rest of the cartridges, staples, fill box that we had left over. He also reset my computer so it's now linked up to print off of there if I want. Printed up my Perma-bound list and one of the other LMA's wanted a copy of it to see. We were supposed to meet tonight, but too many people couldn't make it. I need to finish up my last order for the year and got a minute or two today, but need more time! Had a student come in who needed to find her old math book, so I found her number for her and put her in the back room and she found the book with her homework still inside! Good for her! Cleaned up a few things in my office this afternoon because I am going crazy it's so messy in there! Had a student bring back a book for another school so I sent that off. I love it when a book comes home! 

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