The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

True Heroes

Was looking at our new books for something to peruse while eating lunch and picked this book - oh my, what a great read!! I am in love with it! Jonathan Diaz took incredible pictures of kids facing cancer, and had them in their dreams and wishes. Then had authors craft stories about them! Oh my! I had to take it home to read tonight. Such amazing kids! I am in love! I've already told like 6 teachers, our instructional coach and some students about it! Back to my work day! Finished checking in all the new books today and started to strip them (put in the Tattle strips!) and put in their check out slips. I can hardly wait to put them on the shelves! A much quieter day today, but still very busy! Got in old books, sent out others in our district mail. Patrolled our students in the library working on projects. We had quite a few in today. At least 60. Checked in and out books (not nearly as many as yesterday!) renewed books as well. Helped a teacher with her doc camera. Helped out our new teacher who is replacing our just retired social studies teacher by using the copier to make cardstock signs for his students to explain timelines in Native American culture. There were issues and how to make it work, and I just decided he was busy, trying to fit into a brand new class for him, and I just went ahead and did it for him so he would have one less thing on his very new plate. That took awhile! They had to feed through another tray, it had to be set on 'heavy' paper. But I think it all worked out in the end! Figured out our new projector today for a teacher. It wouldn't show the whole screen so I found a manual and voilĂ ! Got it to work and didn't have to put in a heat ticket!

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