The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Today I had a lot of fun with our wheeled ladder. My Non-fiction sign sits right where the blower for the heat blows on it all day and the letter 'o' has flipped down so that it's a 'u'. We have this rolling ladder and I thought "I wonder if it will fit through the door into here..." And it did! So I rolled it in, got a perfect height to reach that 'o' and tape it back in place. Then while I was up there, I decided to look in between our two sets of book shelves. There's a space since it's in the corner and I was wondering just how many books and things had been tossed up into there and I was surprised! Cobwebs, but only a lone spiral bound notebook lay in the very bottom! I took up some cardboard and fit it over the hole and taped it down! That makes me feel better!! Redid some of the books up there on display as well, and uncovered some of our Dewey decimal signs we had up there. Got all the non-fiction shelved today and nearly all the fiction! My aides did most of their work (yeah aides!!) so I finished their one shelf off. There is maybe only about 10 books to shelve currently! I gathered together a bunch of lit books, but didn't end up shelving them because we had a math teacher call for one of our last sets of math books to use! I thought we wouldn't be using them until April, but she has an advanced class! So we ripped open a box and I got the barcodes out for my aide.  He stamped 70 books and put the barcodes on, and I wrote all the numbers on the ends of the books. So glad we got that done for Ms. S! Still checked in and out books all day. Did my Renaissance and medieval display all better today with some stone work from home! Did my word for the day. I even got two kudo awards at the staff meeting today! I really am blessed to be part of my great Leslie school! 

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