The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Just Super

I was doing so many emails today. I sent out a request for 70 copies of Breaking Through and there are about one to two copies at each school. One school does have 28, but for all the rest we are getting in. I got email after email saying our great Library Media Assistants were all pitching to send a copy or two! I thanked each one! Then we had our students in today doing their non-fiction research papers and looking up appropriate books across the district, so again I sent out tons of emails to specific schools for specific students to request books from tattoos to buffalo soldiers. Got back a ton of confirmation emails on those as well and even had a few show up today, so I immediately let the students know they were here and they came down and got them. I did manage to get all the non-fiction shelved today and cleaned, organized and straightened them up! They were a disaster! One student today jumped up to check out our clock we have sitting in the back of the library so people can keep an eye on the time, batted it down, and it fell and broke the rim off it. So disappointing. So before I left, I thought, hey, I have some super glue, I'll glue it before I leave, and that was a mistake! I now have super glue and black marks from the rim all over my hands and even had to separate my thumb from the rim with an exacto blade! I finally got some tape, taped it up and poured super glue all over it and left it for Monday! Happy weekend everyone! Next week is the last week of the semester!

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