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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hypnotized by the Green

I'm sure that's why I totally didn't realize I was putting the wrong barcodes on the math books. I had the South kids today stamp all the Say it with Symbols books, and got out the barcodes for them and showed them how to put them on and noticed the barcodes said "It's in the System" another of the green math books. Can't believe I did that. Really?? Luckily, I had only written the numbers on the outside of about 40 of the 'It' books, and not the whole 298 set! So, I've been taking 30 of the 'It' books, printing up the barcodes all over again, then putting the 'Say' barcodes on the 'Say' books and putting the 'It' barcodes over the 'Say' barcodes that are on the 'It' books. Make sense?? Sounds very Seussical to me! Got in more books for the research projects, so had to search emails to make sure books got checked out to the right people or the teacher. Monitored students today. Checked in and out of course! When the LEAP students came in, I went in the back, shut the doors and even closed my blinds to work! Sometimes they get so loud out there, I even turned on Pandora today so I could concentrate on the math books. Had one of our counselor's ask if I would take a 4th period aide and I had to turn her down. I have had aides during my lunch for a year and a half, and really just need the down time. I apologized and she said she totally understood that I needed my time to relax and not have to be watching students. That was so kind of her, I am actually really looking forward to it. Only had five students show up for OBOB meetings today. Had my sign ups all ready, attendance and who was reading what book. I had a title and author match up paper and a question from each book. They did pretty good! I keep hoping that more will come, but we'll see!

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