The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Company's Coming

That's right! The 6th grade open house is tonight and I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning up the library to get it ready. I asked if they wanted me to come, but I never heard back, so I checked all the books up on top of the shelves and replaced as I thought necessary. Straightened up all the shelves. Added in a bunch of book ends. Put together the Salem Public Library signs with flyers and the bookmarks for the Axis360 App we have. Our Instructional Coach made a couple of signs along with her own find of free downloads of two books a week for students. It should look nice. We had a Job Alike in the library so I set up the computer for that as well. Had two classes in to pick up math books today I forgot about! Luckily I could go in the back quick and grab a stack and take care of them. Stamped all the books Mrs. V gave us for professional use and started the list to send to LMSS. Cleaned up my office from the big mess from Monday's cart sets for the two things we had going. Talked to LMSS about the report I was trying to get for the students that had out Cells and Heredity from February and we couldn't get the data right for that, so Ms. D is going to work on that more. Set out more math books for my student who is working off her fine. She's doing a great job. A day full of other things that kept me hopping all day!

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