The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hula Cats

Checked out four classes of science books today. Had lots of students coming in to check out books. My data shows we only recovered $200 worth of books last week. Set out the cart for the Pacific U. Class tonight. Had an interesting note from the girls' bathroom today. I go in and hear cat sounds coming from the end stall. It was wierd. So I and another girl got out of our stalls and I knew her, and we were both, that was wierd! Then it was so quiet and I saw feet in the last stall. So I went down there and two girls were standing in there, obviously no one was using the commode! So I was like "why don't you come on out, you're obviously not using the restroom", so they came out and said "Really, we're not skipping, we're on lunch!!" I laughed and told them to go back to the lunch room which had to be better than sitting in the bathroom meowing like a cat! Then Mrs. V got a grant for some team building things for classes to use and was so happy to get in hula hoops, so she tried to do it! So funny! Had two students check out Pax today, I was so happy! That was a great book! I had just finished it and hope it gets out and around. Went to a meeting to learn about book share that one of our students has been given to help him with his schooling. It was a pretty good meeting and I learned a lot about the iPads they give to students that need it for help. Might be a great thing for our student. I hope it motivates him to start attending to his studies and realizing that what our school has to offer is amazing!

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