The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 16, 2016


3,608 of them! That's a lot of tacos and how much our lost books cost! I had that on announcements today for our update. Our time before school has been so busy! I have a whole gang in there sometimes and checking out until nearly the last bell before class. There's a group of boys that should maybe be in the gym getting out all their energy, but for some reason, they've picked the library to hang out in. Kind of nice, really! Had a nearly perfect first period today. A class came in to check out math books. Several others came to check out books. We had students scattered at different tables to take a test. Several others just studying. A pretty busy day. No testing in the lab today, so very relaxed and both lunches got library time today. Had three other classes come in to check out math books. Had a student want to pay off her lost book by working for me, so I let her do some of the math books. Had our regular cart all set up and ready to go and had to get a new cart ready for our regular Pacific University class that meets in the library. I put on my 'new-to-me' projector and our Instructional Coach came in and said it smelled, but I didn't smell anything for another 10 minutes or so and then, yes, yikes! Enough to make me shut it down and send a request to LMSS as to what to do since it came through them. I got out another projector, then one of the Chromebooks and then realized I didn't have the right cable to hook it up to the projector and doc camera. So I scavenged the hard drive from the check out desk and set it up and got it all working together without the monitor. (But you could still see the hard drive through the projector). Kind of freaked me out trying to get it all together. I put in a tech ring and the tech came by about 3:30, but I had it done and working by then. I waited around to make sure it was all up and running before I left, so the teacher for that class was all good and I only stayed an extra 17 minutes or so. I was happy that I solved that problem by myself and got everything hooked up to work together! Proud nearly techie LMA here!

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