The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mrs. V's Memorial Shelf

I got all the books listed that Mrs. V gave to the library for a professional section. Got them all boxed up with a list and sent them off today. I think she'll have to have an entire shelf for all of them! I might have to make a plaque! Had three math classes come in for books today. The library looked in great shape from the open house last night and I guess it went really well. I had some students come in to listen to The Outsiders on CD audio, but the player didn't work, so I ended up quickly putting speakers on one of our search computers and the four students gathered around and listened just out in the library. It was pretty cool. I might do a day once a week putting on an audio book and playing it during lunches. Put up a new 'person of the day' with Stephen Mather to highlight my National Parks display. Worked with one of our on the edge students today. I saw what she wrote for her autobiography and it really opened my eyes to her issues, so I talked with her and I think we connected. I hope so. Worked on a new project, my book journal for students to flip through and see what books might interest them. So I did the first page. Half a page for each title and the first page turned out great. Tomorrow is the last day to check out books and today a lot of students were getting books for the next week. Getting to the end!

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