The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hunting for Stars

Since tomorrow is the 4th, I had my aides all on the look out today to put out any Star Wars books. We have quite a few! Took down my baseball display then worked on my new display, a national parks one. Checked out four classes of math books today. Took three rolls of poster paper upstairs and was a bit miffed I only needed to really take up two! And the one I took up first was the color that was already up there! Ugh! Getting in my steps! Had to walk the other way, take the rolls one by one up the elevator. Good exercise! Only eight more days of testing I hope! Had to ask Northwest Textbook what my old password was, it wouldn't let me in to get a quote for new Spanish workbooks. Finally got that and sent the quote to our principal. Did some laminating and put the newly laminated covers on a couple of books to get them back out on the shelves. Another great day in the library!

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