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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last New Books!

I was so excited today when my Scholastic order arrived! $600 worth of new books thanks to our lovely staff, students and parents buying from the book fair! I got them all checked in, stamped, written up to send off to LMSS. Sweet!! A perfect way to end the day! I will send them to LMSS for them to have them ready for when we come back, and I also got two brand new audio books! Excited!! Did more repairs today and spent a bit of time on the Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen. I learned we had all 5 books of the series. The three Hatchet books we had were in rough shape, so I swapped them out with the books we had for a lit set in the back. Those are pretty nice and Perma-bound as well! We had two of The River and one of the Brian's Return, which are actually the exact same book! It did look nice when I got all done with all of them and now I know the series order and the students will be able to see it as well. Put a few more books into the lit books in the back and almost done with the 'P' section. I'm liking how nice it looks! Cut out some bookmarks myself today while watching students. Have a lot of them in finishing up assignments. A cheery day with NEW books! What could be better??

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