The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth be With You

So yes, really enjoyed having the students look at all my Star Wars books today. It was fun! Worked on and mostly got done my National Parks display and it turned out so awesome! Several teachers were like "best one ever!!" And were amazed at what I did. I'll share a pic when I am all done tomorrow! I had glue and little pieces of paper EVERYWHERE!! So it took awhile to get it all cleaned up and display my National Parks books too! I was surprised we didn't have one on Crater Lake, so that'll be on my 'to buy' list soon!! Checked in and out today, boxed up the last of the 'free' books. Feel good that I only had two boxes left from all the books I had weeded out. Glad all the rest went to good homes. Straightened up the back room. Put away shelving I had taken out. Put some old Language Arts resources in their new homes. Checked out Lightning Thief to two classes. Got in a bunch of books for Ms. S. Checked them in to us and then out to her. A very, very good day. Love my job!

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