The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Very cool topo maps! My maps arrived today from the Oregon State Library and I was so happy! I spent the last part of the day cutting them out to make bookmarks for next year! So awesome!! A fairly slow day today, last day to check out books. Did lots of here and there stuff. My student that is working to pay off her fine came in and got the rest of the Looking for Pythagoras books ready for me to put back on the shelf. So I did that today. Got to chat with a lot of students today and that was as always a lot of fun. Put out a notice for three books I have I don't need. Two of Inheritance (Paolini) and one of Eona (Goodman). They are in great condition so I hope someone takes them. Took four of our Legend (Lu) books and made them a lit set in the back room, also took Lions of Little Rock (Levine) and made those a lit set as well. Just don't have the room on the shelves! Was waiting for my supervising Librarian to come in this afternoon, but he didn't show. I'm sure something came up. 

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