The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sit In

Today during passing time between 5th and 6th period a group of students decided to just sit down in the hallway. A few more joined, then a few more. I just laughed and told them I felt so 60's with them doing that! It was funny. They started to chant 'No more books! No more books!' I just laughed more, then they finally just went off to class. Started a new project of getting all our math books in order for the summer. Got done two sets, all in numerical order. Was fun to hear two of my aides trying to put them together "Do you have a 2794?" "No, do you have a 2763?" It sounded like they were playing 'Go Fish' back there! So funny! Got things pretty cleaned up. Sent out the last of the Breaking Through books we had borrowed. Checked in a lot of books from various teachers. And NO TESTING in the library today! I was so happy! 

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