The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lost Keys

Got my aides all into the computer lab today to get it all cleaned up. Dusted, keyboards air dusted, wiped down keyboards, swept, all the headphones put away in their right places. It looks so good in there right now! Checked out three classes of science books. I picked some up from one of the classrooms and then had to clean them up. There was stuff all over the back of them. A barely wet washcloth with Borax did a good job cleaning them. Then a student needed a book and I had to open the back back room and couldn't find my keys. The last time I'd seen them were when I opened the door to the classroom to get the science books. I checked all the doors to see if they were still there, walked around the library where I'd been, and finally thought, 'hey, I have back pockets' and yes, my keys were right there on my butt! Ha! Checked out three classes of science books today, three classes of students needing library books. Revved back up the NetSupport and got familiar with that again. Got the next set of math books all put away. Emailed with the other LMA's about reading during the day. One of them said she reads the last 30 minutes of every day. It is a part of our job, to be able to know our collection and recommend books and it makes sense, but I feel a bit guilty about actually doing it! We also talked about one of them keeps a binder with books she's read and I thought maybe we all need to contribute to each other so students have a better idea of what we all have. So we'll see where that goes!

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