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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Topo Maps

Today it was crazy busy. I had two carts in from Mrs. V, the science guys worked out how to get Mr. H some books so I had a cart of science books come back, then to check out to Mr. R just a class which gave Mr. H enough for him (did I ever check out more books to him? Come to think of it, I don't think I did...must do tomorrow!!)  Cleaned up some of the mess I made from hooking up technology to the extra cart from yesterday. Did some ordering on Scholastic so we'll have new books when the kids come back. Sent a math book to a parent who works at South, but the student came in this afternoon and checked one out by himself, so I emailed the parent and told him to just send it back. Lots of books came back. I asked if they would like me to come tomorrow night for the 6th grade open house for the kids entering 6th grade next year, but didn't hear anything back. A very nice lady from the Oregon State library is getting me some awesome topo maps to use! I think I will cut them up for book marks! They should be very cool. They are old and they have another set they are keeping, but I will gladly take the ones they said would be for crafting or art projects. Too cool!

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