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Friday, April 29, 2016

Half Life

Just a half day today. Went in and checked out four classes of math books Kercheski Method (and for Mrs. K!). Checked out a cart of personal narrative books for Ms. S. Stripped and covered and put due date slips in my new books. Put away most of the non-fiction still left over from yesterday. Pulled up the collection age reports and not as bad as I thought. Our fiction is at about 2005 and our non-fiction about 2001. Came across this PR code and went into the workroom to look at this stuff, and finally found it in a drawer, it's old poster sets. Contemporary Asians - from 1986. Some of this stuff was really old! I looked through most of it and have to make that decision of what to keep and what to just delete off and get rid of. No one has used any of it in the two years I've been there, so I'll probably end up getting rid of most of it. There was a collection of Civil War pictures I liked, but they can get that on the internet now and project it up on the screen, so what makes sense to keep? Fun to find those and pull them out and look at the collections! See you Monday!

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