The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Lost

Ran a report today for all the lost library books from this year and my aides have found two! I was happy! Two less students telling me they did turn in their books and finding them on the shelves and saying yes they did. I also ran a textbook report on lost textbooks and we will hunt for those tomorrow. Did some repairs. Lots of checking in/out library books. Deleted off old social study books we got rid of last year. (A lot! A few hundred or so.) Came in a bit early so I could leave to help out at the track meet this afternoon. So great to see our students compete. They did a great job! I did long jump again, so I'm getting the hang of it! Sent off some teacher materials back to LMSS. Sent off some books to another school. Had some science boys working, I thought, not very productively so I pulled up a chair and a book and sat and read by them while there was testing in the lab. I hope we only have two more weeks or testing or less!! I'll be so glad when that is done! Had to send a note to our security person about a wandering boy. Had to send another email to a teacher to find out what was happening with a boy. Another IA and I tried to get him to check out a book. We offered up about 20 titles, all different kinds and he finally picked one, then turned it in ten minutes later when the period ended. The teacher was grateful I let her know. Gives her some insight from another angle. I can not wait until testing is over!! 

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