The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SWAG and Baseball

Our amazing librarian, the wonderful Mrs. H gave me a bag of goodies in honor of National Library Workers Day. She is so kind and thoughtful, always. I am so blessed to have been hired by her and now a long term friendship. She truly is everything a great librarian should be! Today I took down my geography window and put up baseball! We have a ton of great baseball books and I decided to go ahead and put together a tribute to the game. Go Mariners! Got all the non-fiction put away today and some shelf straightening. Got back half of the Breaking Through books we had borrowed and got those packaged and ready for the mail to send back tomorrow. Had the boys pull all the books off the shelves in the back so we could reset all the Language Arts books and started on that this afternoon. Had one class in to check out books today. Sent off the list of books I got from the webinar to the other middle school librarians. Did some cleaning up in my office. Had a projector with an inverted picture, so I looked that up and flipped it back the right way. Have I mentioned lately I love my job?

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