The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Today I attended my first ever Webinar! It was promoted by Booklist and Mrs. H one of our librarians sent out the link, so I signed up and so glad I did! I got an hour (well, a little less since I couldn't figure out how to get on right away. I thought the ten minute allotted time I had would be fine, but so didn't happen! I did get in only 6 minutes late!) Loved hearing these reps talk about books and what they liked and seeing the books. Just wonderful! I closed the library down so I wouldn't be interrupted and that worked out well! Got a lot of great new titles, some I already have on my list so it was good to get those choices confirmed! Covered all the paperbacks today that came in with my order. Checked in/out four classes for new reading books. Did some laminating. Worked in the back room this afternoon getting shelving set up for a book shift, put away a lot of dictionaries. All in all, a good day. Love my job!!

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