The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dark is the Library

Today for testing I kept all the library lights off hoping it would be more calming in there when students were done with testing. Most of the time it worked, but one group was really pushing the limits. Had another quiet day. Finished numbering the cats. Put together a tiny order from Perma-bound to finish out my budget. Wanted to get that done before someone said "too late, your money has been put back into the budget" so yeah! I got three new playaways and three replacement books. Now my budget is down to $3. Not bad. Got some of our 900 books put away back in the computer lab. Don't want to do it while they are testing, so I collected for a few days and put those all away tonight after school. Lots of little checking in and out. Had two classes of 'Kercheski method' of math books to do this afternoon. Some laminating as well. Spent a lot of time herding the students and trying to keep them quiet. Another great day in the library. Tapping my foot hoping my 74 new books arrive soon! They're on the search engine, so any day!

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