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Monday, April 25, 2016


I've been looking at the pile of paperwork sitting on the old magazine card catalogue in my office and decided today was the day to go through that four inch high or so pile of papers and get them put away in the notebook I have. Newsletters from the year, meeting handouts and notes, budget paperwork, and other assorted stuffs. Took all the old newsletters from last year and only kept the page with the library stuff on it. Put in all this school year's ones. Put all my meeting stuff together and tabbed the dates of them. Updated my substitute notes. The pile was almost gone! Found a set of copied off pages from a book that someone had rubbed out I had requested ages ago. All sorts of notes and blank papers. So glad I got to that finally! Checked in and out today. Helped an aide pack up a bunch of Greek mythology books we have for her classroom for the next week. Sent off almost all the rest of the Breaking Through books we had borrowed. Still a few floating around though. And the biggest, best news of all!! No testing today 6th period!! I was so happy! During testing today I had to send three students back into the testing lab to be with their teacher. One set was a boy picking up a girl so she could see into the garden. The other was a girl who kicked up at a boy and nearly got him in the you-know-where. On purpose. One of our students came in with some others and they were all talking and not doing what they were supposed to, so when the other students left, he just crunched down and got some good work done, so I told him I was super impressed that he made that choice. It was a good one. And I got a lovely snickerdoodle cookie brought to me 6th period by Mr. S. So much good going on today! Did a bit of repairs this afternoon and more book hunting for my fall order. Had a student looking for good reads so I ended up printing up my reads on the side of my blog here for her. She was very appreciative! I love my job!

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