The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I really do hate to give a referral, or even complain about the kids, but this one just pushed me over the edge. The total 'I'm going to go ahead and do what I want and don't care what you say' from a student already in the pass room. I just agonized about it the rest of the day. We were very busy all day. Testing all day. Students coming in from other testing areas. Students just coming down to work. Cleaned off the back table today. Checked out 'Kercheski Method' two sets of classes. Did a bit of repair. I will be very glad when testing is done and we are back to normal! Had a bunch of students come in and borrow headphones for the Chromebooks up in a classroom. I just hope they come back. Checked in/out a ton of books. Went to the last Counselor Advisory meeting for the school year and love being part of that team. Seeing the big picture helps me decide what books might help out students. Had a new student in today looking for a funny book, so I went around to show him some of our boy related funny stuff and he picked a Patterson Middle School book. So glad he came in again! I usually get to see them right away, because they come in for books, but great to see him later in the day. Sent off two books to another school. Covered the last of the new paperbacks we got in. One of those days I felt so busy, but not sure of what all I did! Shhhhuushshshsh!!! We're still testing!!

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