The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Two Periods

We did not have any testing for two whole periods today!! I was so happy!! The day was pretty quiet over all, so not much exciting happened. Just a pretty normal day. I sent out an email about getting students excited about the National Parks Centennial this year and to go out and adventure this summer! So I have my new idea for my window board! The parks! I'll put out some of my old topo maps and some gear along with our national park books. Told my PA that nowhere in the district did we have any copies of the Ken Burns' National Parks books and he said well, we had to justify any book purchase to curriculum, so I sent him the links to the educator resources for the documentary! Then I tied it into our Oregon School Library Standards! I think he should now buy me one, just for that! Sent out another email reminding teachers to send students to the library only if they have work that the library environment will help. I've had too many lately coming down and just using it for conversation (personal) and disrupting the students who are working! Sent back to class a few students today just because they were in that category. Ah, and so went the day!

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