The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Yes, the Beast Mode award passed on today. I sent it to the two ladies who are running our testing for this year. They have to do all the testing stuff along with their regular jobs and they are there before me and usually after me every day and still have a month to go. They are pretty amazing and beasts in their own right! Testing went on in the lab all day today. No classes came to check in or out anything, so just the few students here and there. Brought back my one New Book cart and took the rest of the books off and put them on the rack to be put away. I went through the math books and worked on numbering the tops of the books. The bottoms were done, but not the tops and when we flip them (on the shelf we put ten front to the back of the shelf, the next ten are front to the front of the shelf) and it's hard to look for a lost book! I think I have just one set to go. Had a few moments today where I had this book, Drowned City and looked at it with two students. One is pretty engaged here at school, the other really wants to run his own show. They were both very into looking at the book and seeing the graphic novel depiction of how New Orleans fared during and after Katrina. That was a great moment for the one student. Enjoyed some cake with the baby shower we had today. Three little girls are on their way to two teachers! I gave them books of course!

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