The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Title Poetry

Had three classes in to check out library books today. Four math classes we did in the 'Kercheski Method'. Had no testing during one period today! I was so happy! The rest of the day I 'shuushhed' and asked students to whisper, and was less successful than I had hoped to be. Took down my Beverly Cleary books and worked on my 'Poetry by Title' display and had a lot of fun with that! Got in a box of books I had collected from the last Scholastic Book Fair and they were all ready to put out. So I spent the afternoon stripping them and covering the paperbacks and putting in date due slips. Happy sigh! I'm excited because a student has been waiting for I Am Malala and I told him that I was getting in the young reader's edition. He had a girl recommend it to him and has been waiting for it to arrive, so he'll be very glad tomorrow when he comes in! Set up the computer cart and made sure everything worked before I left today!

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