The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Great day today! Got all books put away. Had a sub in that was a librarian so I put her talents to use by repairing books! Am glad she was here and loved to do that! Got all the rest of the Language Arts textbooks respelled. Checked in and out a lot today, probably because it was Friday. Testing again all day today in the lab. Wrote an article for the May newsletter. Took the projectors and found one that wasn't having issues being turned on, so hooked that up and decided to fire up the computer and make sure everyone was talking to each other and what??? Had to send in a request because the computer 'didn't trust me'. What?? It's an admin thing, so Ms. T came out and got it all working again. Had some boys come in to take a science test and they started talking about vegetables, and if this had anything to do with a squash, so I picked a new book off the rack in my office and just went over to their table and sat and read. They finished their test in like, three minutes! Amazing! I didn't get much read though ;) Sent off some more books, sent off another request for a book. Finished up the books I had repaired yesterday and they all turned out nicely, so checked them all in and put them out. One was for L who kept asking, and I told him I was repairing it so he came by today and was very glad it was ready for him to pick up! Got my office pretty well picked up today and things put away so it looks tolerably neat. Cleared out my email. Really enjoyed the day, my walk during lunch and all things Leslie Library! I love my job!!

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