The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Every once in awhile I keep a running record of most of what went on in the library, so here is what happened to me today! Got the search computers up and running. Went over to the 100's and unstuck a Carmel apple sucker someone had stuck back there. It actually came off easier than I thought, but some had slid down the space between the shelf and the back so I got a cart, off loaded all the books, pulled the shelf, chipped off the caramel and then put it all back. Put away the computer cart from the class last night. Took the broom to sweep a spider web I saw in the light this morning. Got out the chess and checkers for a student. Talked to a student about her fine, she said her mom paid. I emailed our bookkeeper and she said yes, everything was paid. The student was very happy about that. Made a suggestion for our meeting Thursday to talk about book displays. Checked out library books to four classes today. They didn't do a lot really. Checked in and resensitized returned books. Parrish asked for some lit sets of books so I got them, checked them out to the LMA there and boxed them up, created a label and had my aide take it up to be picked up. Had my aides pull all the On My Honor books for a teacher, check them out and take them up to her. Got in two boxes of books, but rather disappointed that they weren't library books and were for the Read 180 program. Have over $600 in my Scholastic account and went through my book buying list to see what they had and found about $125 worth of books I can take off my purchase list and use Scholastic $$ to pay for them. Had a teacher come in and request Diary of Anne Frank and Forgotten Fire, so I hunted down copies and sent out emails to get them (ten DoAF from McKay and seven other emails for FF since schools only had one or two copies each). Spent a little time this afternoon going over shelves, displaying books. Found some work for a substitute in the back room. Laminated some stuff for teachers. Did two covers for the library, got The Red Pencil recovered and have to do a bit more on Thirteen Reasons Why before I put it out. Sent another book request to Parrish. Went up to see what was in the staff room from the Books Are Fun people. They often donate books to the library if enough things are bought. There were a couple I might get. Even a set of coloring books for students to work on when things are slow perhaps! Sent an email to another LMA on my take for the end of the year since she asked all of us to pitch in since she's never closed down the library before. A good day! Off to walking class!

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