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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Numbering Cats

The Erin Hunter cats that is! We have so many, I decided that my cheat sheet wasn't good enough, and went and started tagging the series. The original I just left numbered, but the rest are numbered with their set initials. Like Warriors: New Prophecy is NP1, NP2 and so on. As I did that, there were book issues so I started to work on them as well. Relaminating covers, checking out the issues I need to fix. They will all be purring happily when I am done! Decided how I was going to figure out on the Chris Lynch books which are which (Vietnam or WWII) you have to do an advanced search and that sorts them out. Sent out another Scholastic order today and was able to use my Scholastic money to buy some books that I had on my purchase slip for the summer, so glad to take those off. Another pretty quiet day of just students trickling in and out. Though we did take in a ton of books and check out, it seemed pretty quiet. Another great walk outside today during my lunch! Loving the freedom! Added more to the summer order. I'm sure a few other things happened, but oh well! It's late and time to unload the dishwasher before I go to bed!

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