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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Long Meet

Today was another great day in the library. I gave out books to a couple of students who came to work with mom today! They were so cute! One took the Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia Force Awakens and the other took some Garfield. It was cool to see the little guys here! Lots of books came back this week, but only about $400 worth. We still have out about $4,500 worth of lost books. Checked in and out, about 4 classes worth today. Had half my aides gone with their folks for take your child to work day. Glad I had a few here at least! Took a TV up to a room for a class today. When I went to pick it up, the office had sent a message that I had a box waiting, so I wheeled the TV up and they were like "it's just a box of books!" And I laughed and said I had to pick up the TV anyways so thought I'd use that rack to pick up the books since I was up there anyways! So yeah! My Scholastic books all came back! Can't wait to put them out! Some of the newest ones that are out there! Got quite a few repaired books back out on the shelves, laminated some covers since our IC had to turn on the laminator. Fixed the paper cutter, again. If you put too much paper through it, the cutter bumps off the track and I have to unscrew everything and put it on the track and put it back together. The screws are nearly stripped, so it's a bit tough. Left at 3pm for our last middle school meeting of the school year over in West Salem. A very good meeting that we left very late! I won another book! Huzzah!! Mrs. S from Salem Public Library came by to talk about the summer reading program. Mr. E from technology came and talked to us about how some things work together, and sometimes not! We talked changes, a new position that might happen, what we are going to be looking at for book buying next year with set up lists that we can pull from. New books that should be waiting for us when we get back from the summer. Filling in the non-fiction we weeded. All sorts of fun stuff! I think that's why we went so long! Only a half day for me tomorrow! I love my job!

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