The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I really don't like to write up students, so I often just go ahead and let their teachers know what they've been up to in the library. Had to do that a few times today. Got ready three sets of math books using the 'Kercheski Method'. Checked in and out a lot of books today. Did some laminating. Did a bit of repair work. Put away nearly all of the non-fiction. Covered some more of the new books. Looked for some books I had ordered and asked LMSS what had happened to those and they let me know that the order was finished and those were over the 'Do Not Go Over' price we had stipulated. OK. Learn something new every day. She told me how to look at the invoices and see where all that was! I didn't know! Had all my aides in. They took the math books over to the teacher. Took over call slips for books we were holding for students. Took district mail up for me to be sent to other schools. Checked out 40 Greek Mythology books to a teacher. Went over personal narrative books for another after school for her reading groups. A warm day in the library, sun pouring in, but we were much cooler than upstairs. Put out the coloring bookmarks and colored pencils, markers and crayons for the kids today who were finished with testing. When I brought them out the kids were like "Oh wow!!" A good call. Off to walking class tonight, warm and sunny!

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