The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bookmarks to Color!

Had three classes come in today to check out books. Computer lab ran for testing all six periods. Worked on shifting books in the back. Had my 3rd period aides move the Prentice Hall lit books. Then another aide moved some of the Language Network books and I did all the rest of them after school was out. Did some laminating. Got in new books from Scholastic and stamped them, sent the list for approval from my high school supervising librarian so I can send them off to LMSS. Sent 19 Breaking Through books back to South HS. Sent off another couple of books to other schools. Did some repairs, filled up the book press and did some larger books next to it. I'll probably do a batch once a week, rather than waiting for a day to do them all. Makes more sense. Democratic is now selling colorable bookmarks!! Mrs. H sent a link and I think I'll have to get some for next year! So exciting! Shelved all the SE - Z books today and the graphic novels. I love it when my new books fly off the shelves! All my Star Wars books are all checked out! Yeah! 

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