The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 28, 2016


The library was closed today for our counselors to come in and be there for our students who were dealing with the death of a classmate. It was hard to watch them come in, but I was so very grateful that the library became this sacred space. I got the Scholastic book fair all packed up and reports run, only to hear later in the day that our truck was broke and it might be a week until it gets picked up. When our afterschool program was coming in, the lady who leads it here in the library helped me move all 5 carts with their boxes on top into the back of our first textbook room. I feel so much better that they are out of the way. I got all the books I bought, all the OBOB books and others just for the library stamped and listed and sent off to LMSS. Sent off the request for more date due slips. Did a few more pages on my book review binder. A very quiet day. I pray for the student, the family and all those who knew. So sad.

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