The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


How do you help students learn how to write a how-do article? Why you bring them books to show them how it's done! So Ms. S brought in her students to see How-To books today and look to see how others did their 'how-to' books. I did a better job with her 6th period class than the 1st period class, but that's just practice! I had taken a bunch of our 'how-to' books and put them out on the tables so they could look at them and check them out if they wanted to. Had two classes of math students come in and trade books today. Took down my Margaret Peterson Haddix display and put up a book fair display that I'm still working on. Tried to play the Book Fair CD from Scholastic and finally got it to play on my computer, but couldn't get it to play on the computer cart with our projector. So I ended up going to the website and streaming the video from online. I had that playing during the lunches today. Though they didn't pay much attention! During 6th period I had in my math class swapping out books, my 'How-To' class and our Leadership class looking for books about strong leaders. Busy!!!
Laminated after school as well. Love my job!

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