The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 7, 2016


I had to write my first referral today and hopefully my last. I really hate doing them, but this student kept doing things I told them not to. Slugging (really hard) another student in the shoulder. Wouldn't give me their name. Refused to go to class because they didn't want me following them. I just hate it when that happens. Ugh. I guess they have had issues with others, so I'm not alone. But I still hate it. Had two classes in today and showed them the Scholastic Book Fair videos along with the endorsement by Gene Luen Yang. Lots of students in and out today. The leadership class wants to help volunteer for the book fair, so huzzah for that!! Checked in and out books for the classes today. Love to help students find the right books and got two amazing books into the Leadership students hands, one on Paige Rawl - Positive+; and one on Gabrielle Douglas - Raising the Bar. So excited I had these here! Made some more book review pages. Sent off books. Checked in and resensitized books. A teacher brought in two huge boxes of old, really old English books, no barcodes that were in his room, so I unpacked those today. Filled my whole flat cart. Made two posters to promote our Battle of the Books informational meeting on Thursday. Sent out two announcements for the rest of the week. I love standing in the hall during passing and having students hand me books to check in! Got in a volleyball book for a student she had requested from another school. She was so happy to see that! 

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