The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pathway to Conference

This morning I had to go our Library Media Assistant Pathway at South HS for three hours. I loved the Google doc spreadsheet! So much better than the calendar! I got a copy from another school and just have to x out their appointments. Luckily there wasn't very many! So I will work on that some more and then share it with our staff. That went from 8 - 11 so I had to wait to go back to Leslie until about 2:30. So, I had lunch with my hubby, took a nice walk, a bit of reading, then back to work! Did a lot of Scholastic Book Fair sales. Did some repairs. Loaded surplus boxes into my car to drop off at LMSS in the morning. Helped laminate a ton of posters that our Instructional Coach created. Had a teacher give the library a vase from a student that said it came from Iraq. I asked if I could take it to LMSS and they could put it in our Realia collection and she said yes! So I put it in the car and will drop it off tomorrow! I'm really excited for that! I should our IC the videos from the Realia collection and she got so excited, I sent her the links to the videos we have and she hopes to use those in the spring! I packed up the money and headed home. Long 12 hour day tomorrow then off for Thanksgiving.

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