The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 1

Of the Scholastic Book Fair that is! Had a great first day since one of the teachers has some really generous friends who donated money for her to buy at the book fair! I was astounded and definitely the best opening day ever!! The students purchased a ton of stuff as well so all is well in the book fair world! Checked in and out a bit today. I had come in early to set up the carts and unpack the boxes, so it was quite the rush to get it all up before they released the students down the halls this morning, but business was brisk and we did more during lunches and some after school! I had some amazing helpers from our Leadership class and Mrs. B came during lunches as well to help out. Had a fire drill today and was very glad it wasn't raining too awfully bad. Also for helping out, I let the leadership students pick a book for the library. I will buy them with my Scholastic dollars and put them in the library with a little note that it came from the Leadership class of 2016-2017. Broke up all the cardboard boxes today (I had lots!) so they can get taken down to the cardboard recycler. It was nice I came in so early, because they moved the volleyball game up 15 minutes and I had to leave to score! So that worked out nicely. Oh, and on Sunday I put up all the Book Fair signs since I knew it would be raining today! Glad I did!

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