The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Morning Rush

Four classes came in back to back to watch the Scholastic Book videos and then check in and check out books. Then we had classes in the computer lab for four periods, then our usual set of students in and out all day working on projects and swapping out books. It was a busy day! Did some laminating. Did a lot of call slips for books that were on hold to students, saying we now had that book in and could they come and pick it up. Sent off borrowed books back to the schools they came from. Managed to watch just a bit of my Webinar, glad I will get a link to watch it all tomorrow on new non-fiction for youth. Made a vine to go with my Thanksgiving display and hopefully students will make leaves to hang on it for what they are thankful for! I made a cluster of grapes with family on it, from my great grandparents down to my granddaughters! It was fun! After I get it going a bit more, I'll put up a picture. Love my job!

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