The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 3

Not much happened with the book fair today. This morning things were brisk, but the rest of the day was slow and not much went on. So I boxed up the books I will take to LMSS for their surplus pile next Tuesday. Then I also went through my repair pile and weeded it down. If it took more than a simple repair, I withdrew it and put it in a box for teachers to use. There were quite a lot of pictures in those big books, so they could use them instead of cutting up magazines we no longer have. I did do some repairs while I had all those books out. I looked at the book, how many other copies of that did we have, how old it was. Did it need to be replaced? I only had two medium boxes, so not as many as I thought I might have, and if the teachers can use them, that would be awesome!

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