The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

J. V. Inspirational Shelf

Came in to find my drop box full of books this morning. That was sweet! We ended up checking in about 100 books today. Got all of them put away too! Had a student work off the last of her book fine today, so proud of her! And another student only has $4 left of hers! Sent off the box of Scholastic books to get processed  for the fall. Yeah! I love new books! Got in the 'Jan V Inspirational shelf' books today, so got them all put on a shelf in the back, labeled it and took a pic then sent it to her! Some awesome resources I hope our teachers use! Did more repairs and some more numbering of series. A pretty awesome day all around!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Lots of students gone, but still lots going on in the library. Did more of the same for series and repairs today and had a great time with students. Got back around 80 books yesterday and another 80 today, so numbers are going down! Thank goodness! Had my evaluation today and passed! Yeah!! Looking forward to a great year next year!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last New Books!

I was so excited today when my Scholastic order arrived! $600 worth of new books thanks to our lovely staff, students and parents buying from the book fair! I got them all checked in, stamped, written up to send off to LMSS. Sweet!! A perfect way to end the day! I will send them to LMSS for them to have them ready for when we come back, and I also got two brand new audio books! Excited!! Did more repairs today and spent a bit of time on the Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen. I learned we had all 5 books of the series. The three Hatchet books we had were in rough shape, so I swapped them out with the books we had for a lit set in the back. Those are pretty nice and Perma-bound as well! We had two of The River and one of the Brian's Return, which are actually the exact same book! It did look nice when I got all done with all of them and now I know the series order and the students will be able to see it as well. Put a few more books into the lit books in the back and almost done with the 'P' section. I'm liking how nice it looks! Cut out some bookmarks myself today while watching students. Have a lot of them in finishing up assignments. A cheery day with NEW books! What could be better??

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Pretty much the same as yesterday. Did more LIT books to put in the back. Did some repairing, renumbering series. More books came in, but still down a lot. Quiet day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Pretty quiet in the library today. I continued my work on numbering series, cleaning up books that need to go in the back so we have more room on the shelves. Came across a book today that looked like some kid had keyed it. It scratched half the back cover, went through into the boards and the spine was all keyed as well. I've noticed a few books recently that look like someone had poked them with a pencil, but this was outright vandalism. In fact, now that I think about it, I should really report it to our security person. I'll do that tomorrow. Did some major laminating this afternoon, got the set of bookmarks done I made from the topo maps this week. I have a student working off a fine so I'll have her cut them out tomorrow. Some book covers and a poster for the DLC. Got the last of the math books numbered and set today from the student working off her fine. I put them all back on the shelf. Another great day in the library!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Clearing House

Today we began to clear house. All the books down from the tops of the shelves. The masses (Hunter, Flanagan, 39 Clues) all on their shelves and in the back room. I started going through the shelves and looking at the books. Some I delegated to the LIT shelves in the back. Changed their Call number and put LIT stickers on them. Numbered series that hadn't been done yet. Got through nearly to the B's. Got all books put away, still a lot to go. Showed them how to move shelves for when they get too packed. Took my 'new' rack and off loaded it and put it in the back. Sent two Inheritance (Paolini) to Walker via LMSS. Sent back some borrowed lit sets back to McKay. The library is now free of testing!! Huzzah! So it is good to be back to normal!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Very cool topo maps! My maps arrived today from the Oregon State Library and I was so happy! I spent the last part of the day cutting them out to make bookmarks for next year! So awesome!! A fairly slow day today, last day to check out books. Did lots of here and there stuff. My student that is working to pay off her fine came in and got the rest of the Looking for Pythagoras books ready for me to put back on the shelf. So I did that today. Got to chat with a lot of students today and that was as always a lot of fun. Put out a notice for three books I have I don't need. Two of Inheritance (Paolini) and one of Eona (Goodman). They are in great condition so I hope someone takes them. Took four of our Legend (Lu) books and made them a lit set in the back room, also took Lions of Little Rock (Levine) and made those a lit set as well. Just don't have the room on the shelves! Was waiting for my supervising Librarian to come in this afternoon, but he didn't show. I'm sure something came up. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mrs. V's Memorial Shelf

I got all the books listed that Mrs. V gave to the library for a professional section. Got them all boxed up with a list and sent them off today. I think she'll have to have an entire shelf for all of them! I might have to make a plaque! Had three math classes come in for books today. The library looked in great shape from the open house last night and I guess it went really well. I had some students come in to listen to The Outsiders on CD audio, but the player didn't work, so I ended up quickly putting speakers on one of our search computers and the four students gathered around and listened just out in the library. It was pretty cool. I might do a day once a week putting on an audio book and playing it during lunches. Put up a new 'person of the day' with Stephen Mather to highlight my National Parks display. Worked with one of our on the edge students today. I saw what she wrote for her autobiography and it really opened my eyes to her issues, so I talked with her and I think we connected. I hope so. Worked on a new project, my book journal for students to flip through and see what books might interest them. So I did the first page. Half a page for each title and the first page turned out great. Tomorrow is the last day to check out books and today a lot of students were getting books for the next week. Getting to the end!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Company's Coming

That's right! The 6th grade open house is tonight and I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning up the library to get it ready. I asked if they wanted me to come, but I never heard back, so I checked all the books up on top of the shelves and replaced as I thought necessary. Straightened up all the shelves. Added in a bunch of book ends. Put together the Salem Public Library signs with flyers and the bookmarks for the Axis360 App we have. Our Instructional Coach made a couple of signs along with her own find of free downloads of two books a week for students. It should look nice. We had a Job Alike in the library so I set up the computer for that as well. Had two classes in to pick up math books today I forgot about! Luckily I could go in the back quick and grab a stack and take care of them. Stamped all the books Mrs. V gave us for professional use and started the list to send to LMSS. Cleaned up my office from the big mess from Monday's cart sets for the two things we had going. Talked to LMSS about the report I was trying to get for the students that had out Cells and Heredity from February and we couldn't get the data right for that, so Ms. D is going to work on that more. Set out more math books for my student who is working off her fine. She's doing a great job. A day full of other things that kept me hopping all day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Topo Maps

Today it was crazy busy. I had two carts in from Mrs. V, the science guys worked out how to get Mr. H some books so I had a cart of science books come back, then to check out to Mr. R just a class which gave Mr. H enough for him (did I ever check out more books to him? Come to think of it, I don't think I did...must do tomorrow!!)  Cleaned up some of the mess I made from hooking up technology to the extra cart from yesterday. Did some ordering on Scholastic so we'll have new books when the kids come back. Sent a math book to a parent who works at South, but the student came in this afternoon and checked one out by himself, so I emailed the parent and told him to just send it back. Lots of books came back. I asked if they would like me to come tomorrow night for the 6th grade open house for the kids entering 6th grade next year, but didn't hear anything back. A very nice lady from the Oregon State library is getting me some awesome topo maps to use! I think I will cut them up for book marks! They should be very cool. They are old and they have another set they are keeping, but I will gladly take the ones they said would be for crafting or art projects. Too cool!

Monday, May 16, 2016


3,608 of them! That's a lot of tacos and how much our lost books cost! I had that on announcements today for our update. Our time before school has been so busy! I have a whole gang in there sometimes and checking out until nearly the last bell before class. There's a group of boys that should maybe be in the gym getting out all their energy, but for some reason, they've picked the library to hang out in. Kind of nice, really! Had a nearly perfect first period today. A class came in to check out math books. Several others came to check out books. We had students scattered at different tables to take a test. Several others just studying. A pretty busy day. No testing in the lab today, so very relaxed and both lunches got library time today. Had three other classes come in to check out math books. Had a student want to pay off her lost book by working for me, so I let her do some of the math books. Had our regular cart all set up and ready to go and had to get a new cart ready for our regular Pacific University class that meets in the library. I put on my 'new-to-me' projector and our Instructional Coach came in and said it smelled, but I didn't smell anything for another 10 minutes or so and then, yes, yikes! Enough to make me shut it down and send a request to LMSS as to what to do since it came through them. I got out another projector, then one of the Chromebooks and then realized I didn't have the right cable to hook it up to the projector and doc camera. So I scavenged the hard drive from the check out desk and set it up and got it all working together without the monitor. (But you could still see the hard drive through the projector). Kind of freaked me out trying to get it all together. I put in a tech ring and the tech came by about 3:30, but I had it done and working by then. I waited around to make sure it was all up and running before I left, so the teacher for that class was all good and I only stayed an extra 17 minutes or so. I was happy that I solved that problem by myself and got everything hooked up to work together! Proud nearly techie LMA here!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Done and Gone

What a week. I think we all are ready for the end of the year! Had classes come in to actually use the computer lab today for a bit. Lots of students in and out. My lost books totals have really come down this week! Happy for that! Got more math done and put away. Talked with the other LMA's about sharing our book counts with the students. All books got put away today. Did a lot of cleaning up in the computer lab area and got all the books I've been hanging onto for over there put away. A fairly mellow day, lots of work got done and things looked good when I left! One more week of checkouts to go!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lost Keys

Got my aides all into the computer lab today to get it all cleaned up. Dusted, keyboards air dusted, wiped down keyboards, swept, all the headphones put away in their right places. It looks so good in there right now! Checked out three classes of science books. I picked some up from one of the classrooms and then had to clean them up. There was stuff all over the back of them. A barely wet washcloth with Borax did a good job cleaning them. Then a student needed a book and I had to open the back back room and couldn't find my keys. The last time I'd seen them were when I opened the door to the classroom to get the science books. I checked all the doors to see if they were still there, walked around the library where I'd been, and finally thought, 'hey, I have back pockets' and yes, my keys were right there on my butt! Ha! Checked out three classes of science books today, three classes of students needing library books. Revved back up the NetSupport and got familiar with that again. Got the next set of math books all put away. Emailed with the other LMA's about reading during the day. One of them said she reads the last 30 minutes of every day. It is a part of our job, to be able to know our collection and recommend books and it makes sense, but I feel a bit guilty about actually doing it! We also talked about one of them keeps a binder with books she's read and I thought maybe we all need to contribute to each other so students have a better idea of what we all have. So we'll see where that goes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No Testing

We had no testing in the library today at all! Technology came and picked up all the laptops so my South students and I got the regular tables out to mostly where they belong this morning. I was so happy! Did wonders with our math books today. Checked in and out a lot. Just loved having the library back in a normal setting for the day. Priceless!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Resource Power

Put up a new display on the non-fiction rack for the students doing their Greek study. Since the books had come in from a teacher, I didn't have to put them away! They went up on the counter top! All the books got put away today. Got all the math Let's be Rationale and the Prime Time books all in sequence and put away. Had five Language Arts classes in to check out books if they needed to. Listened to a JLG webcast with Kwame Alexander that was really great! I really enjoyed it. My biggest happiness of the day was when I was searching out other Greek resources, the computer said we had PR, which I had looked at the other day meaning Poster Resources and I found two sets of ancient Roman and Italian photos of them now, with overlays of what they may have looked like then! I felt so happy to share that with our IC and one of the teachers doing that unit took them up to her room. That made me supremely happy! A great feeling that I uncovered these and got them back out to students to see!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy Order

Did a ton of checking in and out today. From the minute the students were released down the halls to the staff meeting I was checking in and out all day long. Had five science classes come in and drop off books and get new books, and one with math. Lots of students checking out library books after the weekend too! Got three sets of math books all in order and put away and got about half way done with the fourth set. Did laminating. Asked our group what was up with Channel One and got back some good answers. That program is gone and the equipment was donated so we can dispose of as we wish. That was good news. Had a tech in today to fix my printer problems. Checked in a teacher's reading group of books and got her a new set. Worked with a teacher to pull out a CD audio book with a cassette player and plug in four headsets so one group of her kids can listen to and read along with a story. The day flew by!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sit In

Today during passing time between 5th and 6th period a group of students decided to just sit down in the hallway. A few more joined, then a few more. I just laughed and told them I felt so 60's with them doing that! It was funny. They started to chant 'No more books! No more books!' I just laughed more, then they finally just went off to class. Started a new project of getting all our math books in order for the summer. Got done two sets, all in numerical order. Was fun to hear two of my aides trying to put them together "Do you have a 2794?" "No, do you have a 2763?" It sounded like they were playing 'Go Fish' back there! So funny! Got things pretty cleaned up. Sent out the last of the Breaking Through books we had borrowed. Checked in a lot of books from various teachers. And NO TESTING in the library today! I was so happy! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

National Park Centennial Display

I love my new display! It was so much fun to create, and cut out, reposition, do perspective! I had a great time! Did two sets of books with the 'Kercheski Method' today. Actually, my aides did them, but I went back over them and made sure it was right! Found a couple of mistakes, but they did really well. Our copier went down today and I emailed our service gal and she couldn't fix it either, so she called in a work order and the tech was out and had it fixed before the end of the school day! Great service! Had one of our techs come by and he asked if we had surplus so I gave him a ton of stuff. Old VHS players, speakers that didn't work. Our old Channel One receiver which he ended up bringing back! They couldn't take it! Library was kind of quiet and in control today, very nice. The teachers really seem to appreciate when I let them know what their students are doing in here. I had a student last period who wasn't getting it and I suggested to the teacher after school that she might be better off in the pass room where she could get some real help and he really appreciated it. Sent off some 'Stouthearted Seven' books off to another school. Laminated this afternoon. A great day and everyone loves my display, but probably not more than me!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth be With You

So yes, really enjoyed having the students look at all my Star Wars books today. It was fun! Worked on and mostly got done my National Parks display and it turned out so awesome! Several teachers were like "best one ever!!" And were amazed at what I did. I'll share a pic when I am all done tomorrow! I had glue and little pieces of paper EVERYWHERE!! So it took awhile to get it all cleaned up and display my National Parks books too! I was surprised we didn't have one on Crater Lake, so that'll be on my 'to buy' list soon!! Checked in and out today, boxed up the last of the 'free' books. Feel good that I only had two boxes left from all the books I had weeded out. Glad all the rest went to good homes. Straightened up the back room. Put away shelving I had taken out. Put some old Language Arts resources in their new homes. Checked out Lightning Thief to two classes. Got in a bunch of books for Ms. S. Checked them in to us and then out to her. A very, very good day. Love my job!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hunting for Stars

Since tomorrow is the 4th, I had my aides all on the look out today to put out any Star Wars books. We have quite a few! Took down my baseball display then worked on my new display, a national parks one. Checked out four classes of math books today. Took three rolls of poster paper upstairs and was a bit miffed I only needed to really take up two! And the one I took up first was the color that was already up there! Ugh! Getting in my steps! Had to walk the other way, take the rolls one by one up the elevator. Good exercise! Only eight more days of testing I hope! Had to ask Northwest Textbook what my old password was, it wouldn't let me in to get a quote for new Spanish workbooks. Finally got that and sent the quote to our principal. Did some laminating and put the newly laminated covers on a couple of books to get them back out on the shelves. Another great day in the library!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hula Cats

Checked out four classes of science books today. Had lots of students coming in to check out books. My data shows we only recovered $200 worth of books last week. Set out the cart for the Pacific U. Class tonight. Had an interesting note from the girls' bathroom today. I go in and hear cat sounds coming from the end stall. It was wierd. So I and another girl got out of our stalls and I knew her, and we were both, that was wierd! Then it was so quiet and I saw feet in the last stall. So I went down there and two girls were standing in there, obviously no one was using the commode! So I was like "why don't you come on out, you're obviously not using the restroom", so they came out and said "Really, we're not skipping, we're on lunch!!" I laughed and told them to go back to the lunch room which had to be better than sitting in the bathroom meowing like a cat! Then Mrs. V got a grant for some team building things for classes to use and was so happy to get in hula hoops, so she tried to do it! So funny! Had two students check out Pax today, I was so happy! That was a great book! I had just finished it and hope it gets out and around. Went to a meeting to learn about book share that one of our students has been given to help him with his schooling. It was a pretty good meeting and I learned a lot about the iPads they give to students that need it for help. Might be a great thing for our student. I hope it motivates him to start attending to his studies and realizing that what our school has to offer is amazing!