The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Slappers

Had a couple of boys today at one of the tables just slapping their books down and slapping down the covers. I made them come over to my desk and sit behind the desk! Threatened them with not getting books today - no book slapping!!! Had my wonderful DLC kids in today and they are amazing. I think some of them even tried to do the motions of the book I read them. Did LLI reading today and had the kids write sentences from their book into their journals. Had them do silent reading to start, then introduced the new book. I liked one of them wanted to write from the book "Astronaut means a sailor among the stars." Nice! Checked in lots of books, managed to get all the laminated barcodes cut out, though some I wasn't able to trim up nicely, but at least they were separated! When I get time in the library with kids, I open all the windows and turn on all the lights. When the library is being lived in, it comes alive. I love all the books I get to put out to catch the kids' eyes and see them checking them out. The buzz of them talking - even though by standards at the school they are too noisey, I still love the buzz. One group today was all sitting in a line from the door waiting for their teacher to pick them up. Everyone had a book open and was looking at it and sharing it with the kids around them. That was so exciting! I even told them how happy it made me. Can I whine, just a little? I feel a bit picked on. Is it because I'm the library media assistant? I'm the only one with lunch at 11:20, which doesn't bother me because I sit in the library and read which is what I'd do at Sprague if I wasn't talking with Mrs. H. I'm the only one who has to work both lunches and the only one that has to monitor the kids dumping their milk and food. What is up with that? Because I'm new I'm the bottom of the tank? Or just because I'm the library lady and it's not that much different? I watch the clock the whole entire hour I'm there, and am so ready to bolt the minute the clock hits 12:50. Sometimes I get out a few minutes early when I have a class coming in immediately, but I still think it's unfair. Thank you. Done whining.

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