The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Leaving Work

I absolutely hate leaving things undone, but today I had to leave all the fiction and non-fiction books on a cart without putting them away. I managed to get the Everybody readers all put away today and part of the non-fiction sorted, but it was time to go and I had to leave. Worked the LLI again today, then down to get ready for three more classes. Ms. A's kindergarten gets the award for the best behaved class of the week. They were truly a joy to read to, check out to and I wish all the classes were like that! Lunch duty, one more class coming in. Only got about 15 minutes of my lunch today because I was talking with the principal about how I have no classroom management skills, none. So she is going to find someone to help me out. I'm getting the schedule down a bit, and I got to play a math game during my IA time. People are still incredibly lovely, I just hope I can get to place of fitting in before they abandon me!

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