The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Day

The whole school was very welcoming to me today. The library has seven huge windows to look out on the yard, so that is a great feature. I hope to watch snow this winter. The Instructional Couch spent a lot of time showing me around today, getting this and that, he really invested in me and I so appreciated his insights. Got a phone number from the lady who worked the library and she is coming over tomorrow to help me out and show me a few things. The only thing that was sad was that I really only get to spend 15 hours a week working in the library. Five hours a week is in with LLI reading groups which is exciting to me. Helping students to read is quite the challenge and I guess this method is good. I also spend ten hours working as an Instructional Assistant in the classroom. This morning I did get to listen to some of the kids read, so that was cool. Good thing math this afternoon was easy! The other five hours I get to stand in the cafeteria and monitor students as they eat and then get to make sure they dispose of their food and lunch items in the proper containers. Not that great, but I guess someone has to do it. Got a lot of hearty welcomes, and I think they are hoping I will stick and stay. I see a longing for someone in this position who will invest in the school and be there for them. Checked in books today from classrooms since they will be coming for check out tomorrow. Several kids were very excited that I'd be in the library. Got to help out with leaf rubbings today in the classroom, so that was cool as well. Must get pic of new library to put in here, and probably have to change the name here. No textbooks in elementary's. I left a bit early today because I needed a new badge, my old one was for Sprague of course, and the picture I think was from 1998? So over to Security to get a new one. Then over to LMSS for training on how to order books. I still have $500+ in my budget, so I will need to order! Never had to do that with Mrs. H around, we just suggested titles and she went for it :)

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