The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting my Feet

Now that I've gotten my eight hours, I feel more ready to take on this position. I got everything finished up shelved today from last week. Only had one class today right after lunch, so spent my LLI hour with my two kids, the hour in the cafeteria, some prep time and then the rest of the day I was in Mrs. M's class. I helped record some things in her grade book. Helped the kids do art work of pumpkins. Then the last part of the day they had a special speaker, a trauma nurse coming in to talk about trauma and how to prevent it. Like, wear your helmet, wear pads. So Mrs. M took me aside and said that I could go ahead and work in the library since the nurse would be there until the end of class that day. Huzzah! So more time in the library! Found a book that a girl had lost when I discovered a whole section of books I didn't know about. Got some stuff cleaned out. Asked Mr. M if I could get some file cabinets removed so he said they could go into storage. Displayed more books! Worked on the day to day duties since my schedule is to convoluted in case I ever need a sub. Mrs. M is certain I will turn to the elementary side and never want to leave. She really is a sweetheart.

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