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Monday, October 21, 2013

Clear as Mud

So today I finished up a whole week of kids since I didn't start until Tuesday last week. Had a meeting with the LLI people about what kids we would be working with this week, what the program was, how fast we were moving, who the kids were and what to look for. "It was clear as mud, but it covered the ground, and the confusion made my head go round..." as Henry Bellafonte once sang. So we just plow on and try to wrap my head around a new group and what they are learning. I guess they mix up groups all the time. Got all the non-fiction sorted today and got some put away, but I kept seeing all these fabulous books to display on the shelves. So I will do more shelving tomorrow. I think I have library time, though no classes tomorrow. I do LLI and then work in the classroom for the rest of the time. Had a really nice 1st and 2nd grade blend class in today and they did really well. Still a little noisey, but not bad. Cafeteria duty - I'm the only one that has to work both lunches. Got to do math with Mrs. Mc's class today. I love it that I know the answers! Hung up some math posters for her. Did a check off sheet on who had brought in their emergency plan sheets (in case they need to go home early - walk? bus? get picked up?) Mr. S my teacher librarian supervisor came by today and helped a counselor with some tech stuff for a video she wanted kids to watch on bullying. We did some more talking and he gave me some stuff that he had on ordering. I gave him my schedule so he'd know when he could come in, especially to help with classroom management.

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