The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Create Your Own Utopia

Got to spend six beautiful hours in the library today. Got a lot of cleaning up done! Moved shelves, cleaned out drawers, checked in nearly 100 books. Had four classes in back to back to be read to and checked out. Nearly lost my voice ~~ not sure how that happened. Raising my voice to get the kids quiet? Reading a long time each day? Was a bit of a shock. Did my usual LLI and cafeteria duty, but the rest of the day was in wondrous library land! Had the tech office call that they were loading some training things on the computers in the library lab for a training on Friday, so I let them know our schedule (kids were out at 1:15 today, so they had all afternoon) then emailed the teachers who are using the computers tomorrow so they'd know that there would be some extra icons on the computers when they brought classes in and to just ignore them. Had some teachers come in, see the books I have out on display and they picked them up. Helped a student with a book choice today, so I hope he likes it. Cleaned out drawers, cleaned up a lot of stuff in the little back room. Dumped a ton of papers and things that have been laying around for who knows how long. Four trays all filled with the same things - so now they all have their own trays and I threw away a ton of old things. How many pencils do you need in a drawer? I think I put 30 in the cabinet that holds resources for the kids. Feeling like I got some real things done today to make the library work better for me. I told one lady, "we had an admin that would tell us 'create your own utopia' (thanks Mr. T!) so that's what I worked on today. Things are getting cleaned up, more efficient and will help me run the library more smoothly.

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