The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Take Me Home, Country Roads...

Who knew someone had made some kids books from John Denver songs? News to me! But we have three of them! When I was sent to Bush, I was told I'd have eight hours, and when I got here, I was told the position was only 7. So, last week, HR told my principal that yes, I was to get eight hours, so I started that today. What a joy to spend more time in the library! I was just about dancing when I came in at 7:45 today and got to stay until 4:15. I got some shelving done! Displayed some awesome books for kids to get inspired by! Picked out some great books for the Read-A-Loud since the calendar we had was a bit off from what I could see! It is awesome! Sent out book requests for the teacher I aide for. She needs some Jeanette Winter books, so I sent out a call to get some in and so far, everyone has replied with a yes. Good news! Just had a meeting in LLI this morning, so that was to get set up for the week. Worked a bit in the classroom this morning getting a math game ready for this afternoon. Read with the kids a bit before my lunch. Had a group in after cafeteria duty and read them 'Fraidy Cats' and they loved it. Worked a bit with the classroom this afternoon after I contacted schools for Winter books. Then nearly a whole hour to be in the library after school got out. So nice!

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