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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Key in Trunk

Came out from work today and as I was digging for the car key, I thought "hmmm, I've left the key in the trunk lock before, let me go to the back of the car." and there it was. Sat there all day from 8am to 3:40pm. Stupid. So happy to work in the library almost all day today. I still had to work on the LLI program in the morning, and do cafeteria watch and food dump, but in the morning half of the day I got to check out books to four classes of kids! They were noisey and I have no skills in controlling them, but I will have to pick some up. Checking out books and in books and trying to keep the rapscallions under control is crazy. And the questions! Students asking all sorts of stuff and butting in to other students and raising hands and climbing around when they need to listen! But books got checked out, books got checked in, stories got read. So life was pretty good today. The school gets out at 1:15 on Wednesdays, so I got to go to a staff gathering for October birthdays and then spent the afternoon with the previous media assistant who had worked there for years. She was so helpful! I was really impressed that she wanted to come over and show me stuffs, and areas and books and how she did things - truly a blessing for the day. I have a lot of clean up to do, not to mention finding out what we need and working on lists, getting classes with their cards for checking out. So much to do! How will I ever get it all done?  Moved computer stuffs around today because the mass of wires on top of the desk really bugged me, and the silly little pull out drawer for the keyboard was a pain! I just need to drill one hole in the desk top to feed the wires for the printer and I'll be pretty set with how I want all that to work together. Much better set up in my mind!

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